Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo celebrations


Meet Tomas, the taco pinata.  He is my latest masterpiece.  Sadly, he was beaten to death earlier this evening... but on a brighter note, he left behing many *sweet* memories (not to mention treats and toys).

Happy Cinco de Mayo,  Tomas -and to all you lovely folks too!

We had a great day today -filled with great food, good company and fun!
We made enchiladas for supper.  See my previous post here for more info on the food. 

Here are some more photos

Carter getting ready for the beating

Tomas, before he got all pimped out in his fiesta attire

Oh, papier mache, how I love thee!  So messy, so fun, so easy, so green (recycling those millions of unwanted flyers I get each week).... what more could a girl ask for? 

I heart my new cookbook!

Behold, my new love:

I purchased this, my new pride and joy, from Amazon and had it shipped to my brother (cheaper on than its Canadian counter-part) and had my folks pick it up while they were in Utah visiting.

So far we have tried 6 new recipes and loved them all! 

The breadsticks got rounds of applause from my mother-in-law and crew at a family dinner.  They are so tasty with this super easy garlic bread seasoning on them!  I have even used the garlic bread seasoning on breadsticks using my own pizza dough recipe and it was fabulous!  It is usually just easier when making pizza to make extra dough, rather than making 2 kinds of dough.  Here they are, in all their glory...

We tried the stromboli too.... although, since I didn't have spinach at home, we tweeked the ingredients a bit.  This is another one we loved -easy, yummy, and the kids actually ate it!!

And today, for Cinco de Mayo, we made pulled pork enchiladas.  We used the mexican style sweet pulled pork recipe from the book and made the tortillas from scratch -yummo!!  So we put the shredded pork, black beans cooked in my slow cooker, and monterey jack cheese inside.  Then poured green enchilada sauce (another thing my folks picked up for us south of the border!!) over and sprinkled with more cheese.

The husband was highly impressed!  I actually tried to make my yummy pork and black beans transform into a Cafe Rio style salad.  It could use some more work, but was still delicious!

The book itself is great too -hard cover, spiral bound, attachable book mark with conversions on it, rollover ingredient lists, etc etc. You get the picture....

Heard enough? Ok, ok, I'll stop talking (even though I could rave about it for longer).  But, seriously, go buy it and try it for yourself -you'll love it, I promise!